Alexander Brown is a young Philadelphia lawyer with a stagnating career. While wallowing in the comfortable but humdrum life of an automaton Associate at the Krauss Carlson law firm, and without clients of his own, Brown realizes little intrinsic reward in tirelessly serving the firm’s partners. Suddenly though, Brown finds himself in high demand as three big-name corporate clients seek to retain his services in rapid succession. He believes that his ship has come in, and that fame, fortune, and, most importantly, an offer of partnership, are soon to follow.

Brown is lured to Paris by the new client presenting the seemingly most lucrative prospects, but he is unaware that he was chosen by that client for a sinister, dark purpose, rather than for his legal skills. Little does Brown know that each of his new clients are complexly intertwined in a scheme that will place him in great peril. As the story races through the streets of the French capital and back to the City of Brotherly Love, Brown is faced with the undesirable reality of being forced to commit dastardly out-of-character acts to save his career, his marriage, and his very life.


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Adam Barrist, a practicing attorney based in Center City Philadelphia, is licensed in the courts of Pennsylvania...


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